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2-bedrooms with ensuite bath • 228 m² (2450 FT²) • private pool and lounge • 2nd most spacious house on the property • lush garden view • indoor/outdoor kitchen • living area & covered garden dining


The casa was named after our favorite tree, a noble Eugênia gently guarding over UXUA. Trancoso always attracted nature-lovers and the hippie commune owning this land in the 70's were so enamoured by the countless trees that they removed none, even fallen ones. Local artisans eventually gathered that old wood to create organic details of UXUA, while all living trees are honoured and casas like Eugênia feature them growing inside, branches and limbs shooting through the roof.


Labeled a 'masterpiece of rustic modernism', Eugênia is the 2nd largest of UXUA's casas and gets all the angles right. Garden location amid masses of verdant greenery, pool shaped of local stones, indoor/outdoor kitchen and terrace for al fresco dining, master suite with warehouse-sized bathroom replete with antique iron tub and a 2nd-floor bedroom suite with balcony overlooking the trees. Also countless eco-conscious touches like a sofa of recycled canvas from Amazonian truck covers.

“UXUA’s interiors are organic, rustic, and sensual”
Travel & Leisure, USA


Thousands of small details executed with care give UXUA its identity. Furniture, decor, lighting and fixtures are one-of-a-kind, organic creations of designer Wilbert Das, handmade at the hotel by native artisans ranging from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. Antiques and art are sourced locally. International creatives living at UXUA have contributed via our Artist In Casa residency.